Miss Tourism Ankole Charity Run 2015

Miss Tourism Ankole charity run was organised to help support raise funds for the construction of a childrens ward at Holy Innocents Childrens Hospital in Mbarara, The event was attaned by a huge crowd in Mbarara with the chief runner being Steven Kiprotich, His Grace Paul k Bakyenga the Arch Bishop of Mbarara amidst other special guests like the Minister for Tourism, Hon Maria Mutagamba.

The event was very successfull and was crowned up with performance from various artists and there were different prices that were worn by the winners and a Cow was given out to the winner.

To continue supporting the course, you can donate to the Hospital and help save the lives of our children through this innitiative.

Visit the hospital website

For further information: 

Visit Holy Innocents Childrens Hospital website for details