Kabazaire Memorial Child Development Centre (KMCDC)

What We Do:
Kabazaire Memorial Child Development Centre (KMCDC) is an NGO that supports orphans in Uganda. These children are given access to quality education as well as basic needs to guarantee them a foundation in life that promotes self-worth and productivity in their adulthood.

How We Started:
KMCDC is the brainchild of Stella Rugunda, who named the organization after he late father, Magistrate Constantine Kabazaire. Over his lifetime, the late magistrate was very passionate about community service and supported several orphans that had no means to care for themselves. Stella set up KMCDC to continue and honor his legacy. The organization started as a community based centre in Mbarara district in Western Uganda, however it has grown over time to a full NGO presently supporting sixty eight (68) children.

Who Do We Support:
KMCDC has chosen to support children that have lost both parents which is not uncommon in many parts of Uganda. While some have lost parents due to diseases and other life tragedies, many are also simply victims of parental neglect. The children are orphaned at an early age and come from destitute communities that are unable to provide support structures needed to fully nurture them to adulthood.

How Do We Support Them:
KMCDC mainly provides funding to allow these children attain elementary level education. We commit to paying their tuition and providing scholastic materials as required by the schools. We also follow up on their performance and follow up on period, the children with no homes to go are housed at the home of the Late Magistrate Kabazaire, where they are fed and looked after.

How We Are Funded:
Presently, KMCDC is majorly funded privately by Stella Rugunda.Donations have also been received from friends in the US, Uganda and German. These individuals work tirelessly to solicit funds that go towards covering the cost of supporting the children. Beyond providing tuition and materials, some of the funding has been used to set up infrastructure for the school they attend as well as make clean drinking water accessible.

The Challenge Ahead:
Presently, KMCDC is supporting children through school up to the end of elementary school (Grade 7). Our first tranche of students is in Grade 7 now finishing at the end of 2015. A looming concern is what will happen to these children after this stage. Without adequate and good quality secondary level education, they will not have the necessary skills to be self- sufficient in the years to come and in turn support their communities and extended families. However several factors in Uganda make lower levels of education challenging. The education curriculum is so wide in secondary school after which, unemployment is high and very competitive. As a result, we are concerned that they would still struggle to gain meaningful employment until even much later in their education cycle.

Our Proposed Solution:
KMCDC wants to start a fundraising effort to commit funds to cover the education requirements for these students through their secondary school years. These funds will be held in trust to guarantee that the children can seamlessly continue to the next stage with no break in their education. It’s challenging for a sponsored child to return to school once the sponsorship runs out. To avoid this situation, we want to start equipping them with employable skills as soon as possible. The idea is to support them attain secondary education in vocational training institutions. The students will receive training in different courses of their interest which could include carpentry, metal work, tailoring, plumbing, mechanics, catering etc. In Uganda, there are several schools offering these choices presently. This approach will guarantee that at the bare minimum, within four years, the students have certifiable skills which they can later upgrade for more advanced certifications.

Expansion Plans:
KMCDC intends to increase the number of orphans being supported by the organization. To achieve these fundraising efforts will continue simultaneously with increasing internal management capacity. Presently on the ground, the organization is being managed by Stella along with another staff member who is tasked with welfare oversight.Over time, we will seek out strategic partnerships that will allow up co-manage our own education institute. This will allow us to scale up while directly overseeing the quality of the education and support the children we support. We envision partnering with experts in the education and special needs industry.

KMCDC is overseen by a Board of Directors and managed by Stella. Rugunda.Stella owns and runs a leading private tour and travel company, Stebar Safaris Limited. Similar to

her late father, she has a passion for community development through family support. A portion of the proceeds of her travel business is channeled to fund the centre. She also hires a staff member to oversee the well-being of the children under their care.

Account Number: 9030005138328
Branch code:031017
Bank Name: Stanbic Bank
Swift code: SB1CUGKX

For further information contact us on Email: stella.kabazaire@yahoo.com or stella@stebar-safaris.com