With Lake Victoria being one of the largest lakes in the world and from Entebbe, we offer late afternoon cruises by boat out towards the equator line or local islands to view the sun over the horizon. Watch the fishermen cast their nets and enjoy the snacks and drinks provided on board.
Ngamba Island is a project of the Chimpanzees Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT), established in 1997 and it provides a home for over 40 orphaned chimpanzees to live out their lives, since a return to their natural habitat is not possible, while educating visitors and local communities about their remarkable species and the importance of conserving their fragile forest habitat.
Chimpanzees are found only in the forests of Africa, and their habitat is slowly disappearing as human populations increase and encroach on the forests throughout the region. An endangered species, Uganda’s chimpanzee population of 5,000 is declining, mainly as a result of human actions